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His Gift to Me

These are projects I am currently working on and aspire that they become all that God purpose for them to be as I have worked diligently and obediently as a good and grateful steward of these Gifts He have entrusted me with.
It is my highest aspiration, that, the long and/or short version of In Chicago, The Song (bottom of page) will become the music video advertisement for the City of Chicago airing at all the City's events; sharing with residents, visitors and tourist the rich heritage, magnificent architect, cultural and social activities that "Our Town" Chicago has to offer. I grew up on "My Kind of Town, Chicago Is", which aired at 10:30 p.m. and was a curfew barometer for me. In Chicago, The Song can be that for the youth of today and give families ideas of how or where to spend an eventful and fun-filled weekend for little or nothing. Check it out!

Immediately below is one of my 5 songs I'm singing, titled, Ended It, which I'm hoping will be recorded by a professional artist, in my lifetime. I wanted to give the original sound as to how the song goes, knowing, it could take a turn for the better. I believe someone who is more musically inclined and having an ear for today's sound would know how to build on this foundation and take it to the top. Is there anyone out there who share my belief? Please contact me with your interest (773) 650-1337 Click on the arrow. Should it stop - Click on arrow, again. Enjoy! 

     Listen to the above audio and decide
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Listen to the audio commercial and view excerpts from the book's link below and decide to purchase your autographed copy via PayPal.
Thank you, Vanessa King

His Gift to Me: Poetic Humanities
have been updated and revised (above). The cover reflects the beauty of a sunset and images have been added (inside) to support each poem. The Book is NOW AVAILABLE on line at: 
and it sell for $15.99 It is an awe-inspired collection of tell-all poems about his story, her story my story and even, your story in a poetic voice.It is the voice of the inhibited and the proud, the introvert and the extrovert. It is open, honest and compassionate poetry that will soothe as it communicates hurt, heartache, pain, love, joy peace and happiness. It's life in a poetic voice. His Gift to Me: Poetic Humanities strengthens and embraces the reader as it acts as a help aid in moving on and living whole.
I ask if you would visit the book's link and read excerpts from my book and, prayerfully, you will be inspired to purchase a copy or, at the least, share the link with others.
Please be advised that all His Gift to Me Products and Materials are copyrighted and ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
These are His Gift to Me Poetic Expressions and Products that I am promoting and aspire to gain the interest of schools, groups, organizations, families and individuals. These items originated from my book, titled, His Gift to Me: Poetic Humanities. Click on bottom slide or View All Images.
In October 17, 2008 edition of  the Chicago Sun-Times Newspaper, then reporter Andrew Herrmann, wrote an article entitled, "Bid group launches a video contest - 2016 - BRINGING THE OLYMPICS TO CHICAGO," where he made reference to In Chicago, The Song and Vanessa King, "One film currently  on the site features a montage of photographs of Chicago landmarks as a jazzy tune written by Vanessa King and sung by John Talmadge claims, "other cities we beat hands down, none can compete with our beautiful town."

Above is the short, 1:00 minute version of the long, 3:30 minute version of In Chicago, The Song. Copyright, 2013  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
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